What Are The Ways For The Iranian Regime To Negotiate With The United States?

By Reza Hoseani

In a situation where the Iranian regime has not abandoned its policy on it’s missile program and/or regional interventions in Syria, Iraq and Yemen, Khamenei said in a contradiction:
“That communication and negotiation with Europe should continue, but you should not have hoped for Europe”.

This is an expression of the impasse and uncertainty of the Iranian regime about relations with Europe. In particular, it’s practical policy, which has exacerbated the pressure on foreign policy of the European Union and the United States against the regime, and has led to an escalation of its internal conflicts.

Regarding the pressure of Europe to the regime on August 31, European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini pointed to the negative role of the regime in the developments in Syria and said, “Regional efforts to achieve peace in Syria are vital. In this framework, we examined Iran’s performance; Tehran’s performance is very worrying for all of us, and we need to address this issue. ”

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Laudrian said: “Iran can not refrain from negotiating the three major issues of concern to us.”
The French Foreign Minister said the following three issues:
-Nuclear commitments after 2025,
– Missile program and stop the expansion of these missiles
-And also the role of the regime in the Middle East region

The fact is that these opposing stance, and especially Khamenei’s dichotomy, are the result of the clamor of the clerical regime’s confusion and he does not know that in the context of the nuclear deal, negotiating with the United States and negotiating with Europe on which route should he move.
Advancing each of the two negotiating or non-negotiating lines requires a heavy payment for the Iranian regime, and eventually each of them threatens the integrity of the mullahs regime.

So, going to the negotiating table or not, for the regime is simply not feasible without heavy consequences that aggravate the internal crisis of the Iranian regime.

Causing the collapse and further loss of the forces of the mullahs regime and the weakness and desperation of its integrity. On the other hand, prepares the ground for the rise of dissent and protests and the uprising of the Iranian people.

Reza Hoseani is an author, analyst ,Iranian expert and human rights activist and defender of women and children rights

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