US Sanctions And Its Impact On The Uprising Of The Iranian People

By Reza Hoseani

The US government described the second-round sanctions as the most severe sanctions imposed on Iran’s regime.

What are the sanctions included?

The regime’s sanctions include the energy sector, including oil and gas, and the boycott of the central bank of the regime, which includes the swift system, which would cut off all the banking and financial exchanges of the regime. That is, apart from the fact that the regime will not be able to sell its oil or petrochemical products like that, even if it sells it, it will not be able to collect its money. Only the so-called humanitarian goods, such as food, medicine and medical supplies, can only be supplied.

In addition, the sanctions include the shipping and airline of the Iranian regime, when the shipping of the Iranian regime is sanctioned, the ports of the world will be closed to the Iranian regime’s ships or the destination of the Iranian regime, and the mullah regime will not be able to use oil and The goods will be exported and this will also be an economic choking for the religious dictatorship.


What are the possible solutions to the diet?

Khamenei, in a speech on November 3, tried to make sanctions and its effects insignificant, but did not provide any solution.

The interesting point is that the subject of the subject, the 12-nation clause of the United States, was silent, and did not even say, like before, that we are not negotiating.


Will the sanctions alone lead to the overthrow of the Iranian regime?

Firstly, the United States has repeatedly stated that its intention is not to change the regime of Iran, but its aim is to change the behavior of the Iranian regime from any pressure and sanction.


Secondly, the fact is that the sanctions alone will not lead to a regime change in Iran and will not overthrow it. The overthrow of the dictatorial regime of the mullahs is the responsibility of the people and the resistance of Iran. And the slogan of this resistance has been “self-reliant …” on the first day.

But these sanctions and the cessation of the support of the great powers of the Iranian regime, which paved the way for the overthrow of the religious regime by the Iranian people and Iranian resistance welcomes it.


What is the effect of sanctions on the Iranian regime?

Khamenei, in his November 3 speech, could not hide his concerns about the impact of the main blow that imposes sanctions on the mullahs.

Khamenei noted that “the cut off of the country’s economy’s dependence on oil revenues is a permanent concern” and government economists.

This means confessing to the fact that sanctions will put the regime at risk.

Khamenei refers to this sentence precisely to the focus of the sanctions on the regime, which is the end of the economic life of the sovereignty of the mullahs, that is, oil revenues.

The Iranian economy under the sovereignty of the dictatorship of the king and the mullahs are entirely dependent on oil. Oil revenues are the main economic leverage that will enable this government to dominate Iran’s economy and keep the Islamic Revolutionary Guards and their dependent mafia gangs on hold of political and economic power.

The rule of the mullahs is economically based on oil revenues, and foundations, companies, and institutions that have kept their grip on the Iranian economy can only survive using petrodollars.

The oil boycott of this economic artery. By reducing oil revenues, the regime’s ability to suppress and exterminate terrorism decreases, and the conflict between the predatory gangs intensifies. This way, it will speed up the uprising of the Iranian people and it will simplify it, which is why the mullahs now shudder with fear.

What will the Iranian regime do?

There are no more two ways.

First, the mullahs regime surrenders and draws on the 12 articles that the Secretary of State has announced, in which case it means changing the regime’s behavior, eating 12 poisonous cups.

Naturally, the Iranian resistance welcomes the dictatorship of the 12th Poison Cup so important and will help the Iranian people on the way to overthrow it.

Secondly, the regime will stand against the pressure, which firstly means its own economic chaos, because in this case, the new situation will exacerbate the crises of the regime.

Of course, the regime will try to continue the government by passing on these pressures on the people.

What Hassan Rouhani, the president of the mullahs regime, referred to as the administration of the country through taxes.

But in the current revolutionary situation, the economic pressures on the people are flooding the uprising.

That means each of these two paths reaches a destination, which is the overthrow of this devastating regime.


Reza Hoseani is a writer, analyst, expert on Iranian affairs, a human rights activist and a defender of the rights of women, children and political prisoners

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