The strike of truck drivers and the start of the retreat of the Iranian regime

By Reza Hoseani

The mullahs regime eventually accepted one of the most important demands of the strikers in the twenty-first day of truck strike strikes.

On Saturday, October 13, the website of the Ministry of Road and Urban Development of the Iranian regime announced that: The domestic road freight barge has been approved, based on the ton-km.

Increasing fares was one of the main demands of truck drivers, who insisted on strike over the course of several weeks.

The Iranian regime attempted to surrender truck drivers by trickery, threats, imprisonment and use of weapons, but failed to reach its goal because the drivers were determined to resist and not to abandon their rights, and to endure every suffering Accepted.

Truck drivers have been struggling for the third time in all governorates of the country and in more than 320 cities to meet their demands from May. And of course this time they were more powerful than before.

They were able to acquir the support of other strata of the Iranian people and international unions.

Their protest was poverty, low wages, high costs for parts and services, and the cost of servicing and maintaining, and most importantly the policies of this criminal regime.

Many promises made by government officials to truck drivers to address their problems during their first and second strike in May and July did not yield any results. And it was enough for truck drivers to start their third strike with a clear determination.

Truck drivers have been struggling with many problems, some of which are:

– Low fares against rising shipping costs

– heavy taxes

– Increased freight charges

– Rising prices for tires and spare parts

– Fixing the fare price for 3 years

– Increase third party insurance

The clerical regime took a lot of efforts in ending this strike and took some action in this regard but truck drivers continued their strike without paying attention to such actions and did not affect the threat of repression in drivers’ decision-making.

Earlier, the regime’s prosecutor threatened to drive truck drivers as well

However, despite the arrest of some of them, drivers did not pay attention to these actions.

Now, despite all the threats and promises of the Mullahs regime brokers, with increasing strike and widening it and syndicate support in other countries and on the eve of oil sanctions and the start of the FATF meeting (Financial Action Task Force), and finally, after a few weeks, this strike has been magnificent, we are witnessing the retreat of the clerical regime and the fulfillment of the demands of the drivers.

Of course, we have to wait to see how much the Iranian regime actually respects its promises.

But so far, we have seen significant gains in a nationwide strike that is a clear blow to this regime and a victory for the Iranian people in their uprising.

The resistance and the protest and strikes that have tired and weakened the clerical regime in its entirety and forced it to retreat.


Reza Hoseani is a writer, analyst, expert on Iranian affairs, a human rights activist and a defender of the rights of women, children and political prisoners

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