The deadlock in the regime of the mullahs in Iran and Khamenei’s vain attempt to deny it What will be the fate of the regime at the outcome of this crisis?

BY Reza Hoseani

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In the face of the various internal and external crises, the Iranian regime is besieged and cornered.
A few natural questions arise. Is there a way out for the regime:?

How are the mullahs approaching the decisionmaking process related to this problem?

After 40 years of repression of the Iranian people and the issuance of terrorism and foreign wars, can this regime do anything to overcome the popular discontent?
We are seeing an the uptick in the Iranian people’s uprising and the creation of material conditions for the change in Iran. At the same time, we can observe the escalation of tensions between the regime and other Middle Eastern countries. The golden age of relations with the United States presented by the previous administration is at an end. Do the mullahs have a destiny aside from being overthrown, and the Islamic Republic dismantled?

To answer these questions, I will draw your attention to a glimpse of news and analysis on this subject:

Khamenei finally reappeared to make a public address regarding the situation after a long period of silence.

In his comments, he discussed various issues, including: the free fall of the Iranian national currency, the great corruption and embezzlement that had Poured 18 billion dollars into a pocket of looters for a while, and finally the uprising of the Iranian people throughout August.

But despite admitting these circumstances, he falsely claimed that the regime is not troubled, that all these problems are solvable, and anyone who says otherwise is ignorant and a traitor.

Despite facing criticism of government’s response to all these issues, he showed support for the government and stated that anyone who speaks of overthrowing the regime is working for the enemy.

He further said that neither war nor negotiation is a proper response to this crisis, generated abroad.

He also denied economic and social impasse.

Ali Khamenei said in an attempt to deny the regime’s impasse: “The enemy wants to show that the country is in a deadlock. My point is: I say there is no deadlock in the country; there is no deadlock in this economic area. It is not that there is solution ; no, the problems of the country, the problems of the economy, known, solutions are well known. Those who say the system is impoverished or traitor or ignorant.
Khamenei’s situation is so dire that his agents and the regime’s media express disappointment in their remarks and use the term “deadlock” to describe the state of the regime in any context.

The speeches of the Secretary-General of the Industry and Mine Chamber are one example of such rhetoric. During a television interview, he acknowledges the impasse and turmoil, the internal upheaval, and says to the regime’s leaders: Infighting is at the root of all these issues.

Our problem is not an external problem at all, our problem is disparity.
It’s advisable for officials to not to panic and blame each other. If they wish to sue each other, the place for that is in in the judiciary, not behind the microphone of the House of Representatives. Those who have to calm us are very scared. ”

(Channel 2 TV of the Iranian regime – August 11, 2018)

The natural question of course is, if the US government and American threats are not to blame for the upheaval, who or what exactly are the mullahs afraid of:?

Khamenei gave the answer in his speech using the phrase “August events” ,trying hard to avoid the name of the uprising of the Iranian people.

They tried to create the incident,Within a few years, but the Iranian nation (the purpose of the Basij militias and the regime’s security forces) was destroyed within a few days,” he said.

The fact is that Khamenei is afraid of the uprising of the Iranian people and the impasse and crisis. However, he is trying to hide this panic under this absurd claim that there is no deadlock.

In a situation where the deadlock has surrounded the clerical rule from all directions, , the repetition of the term “deadlock” in Khamenei’s speech exactly reflects the fact that his government is stumped and cannot respond to any of these problems.

Because if there was no deadlock, then there would be no need for Khamenei to make these denials.
The Iranian people will overthrow this hated regime and the governments that bet on its survival will lose out just as much as the ayatollahs.

The recommendation for the West is to stand support the Iranian people. Currently, Western countries are not investing into Iran due to the US embargo and despite the European Union’s insistence on immediate but short-term economic benefits. The companies, instead, are choosing to participate in the US financial system. Their withdrawal will contribute to the regime’s downfall – and the Iranian people will have the last laugh.

Reza Hoseani is an author, analyst and human rights activist and defender of women and children rights

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