Terrorism of the Iranian regime in Europe, and another blow by Denmark

By Reza Hoseani

On October 21, 2018, a mercenary terrorist of the Iranian regime was arrested in Denmark,

Danish security services said on Tuesday that a Norwegian-Iranian in this country was arrested on charges of collaborating with the Iranian regime’s MOIS and efforts aimed at attacking members of the Al-Ahvaz Movement.

According to the Danish police in the case, the Norwegian and Swedish security services also collaborated with the Danish police.

The identity of the accused has not yet been disclosed and will be held in custody by November 8, according to the Associated Press.


Danish prime minister Burke Anderson said: “The Danish security service searched for fear of an imminent assault, and the Danish border was closed to Germany and Sweden. In their follow-up, inspectors found evidence of illegal activity of Iran in relation to the opponents of the Islamic Republic.


The Danish Foreign Minister, Anders Samuelsen, said on Tuesday that “it is totally unacceptable” that Iran has planned to carry out an attack on its territory.

At a press conference, Danish Foreign Minister Anders Sameulsen said his country will be seeking to impel the European Union to issue new sanctions against Tehran in reaction to the Iranian regime’s measures to carry out this attack.

The disclosure of this case is a terrorist plot of the regime in Denmark in a situation where the previous case with the arrest of the regime’s terrorist diplomat in Germany is still open!

The question is: the clerical regime that experienced the previous conspiracy, then why did it again create such a scandal? It also needs more than ever to help European enthusiasts maintain nuclear contracts and circumvent US sanctions.

The answer is that the regime is forced to take such actions and has no other solution. But at the same time it comes to light on the outcome of its actions that failed to repair and repair its terrorist networks. Particularly after the advent of the previous terrorist diplomat, the regime concluded in concluding that it would no longer use its official agents and Iranian citizens to resort to terrorist acts.

But since it is badly ruined and needs to raise the morale of its troops, it makes these actions crazy. This incident proves that terrorism is united with this regime and can not stop it.


Maryam Rajavi, the leader of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, addressed a political person and a participant in a video message to a seminar on “A new wave of terrorism in the Iranian regime – the reaction of Europe and America” on October 4, 2018, she said:

“The mullahs have repeatedly said their victory is to intimidate. As a result, imposing silence on the governments of the West is an important achievement for them.

The most damaging type of appeasement with religious tyranny is silence against terrorism. Unfortunately, this policy is a dominant trend in today’s Europe. This is a mistake that will cost not only the lives of Iranian refugees but also European security. ”

Mrs. Rajavi had added the same message: “From the Iranian people I say to the governments of Europe: Give them decisiveness against this regime. Disclosure their terrorist activity records. Close the regime’s security agencies, which are known centers of espionage and terrorism.

Do not deal with the Revolutionary Guards and the Khamenei executive. Any deal with these institutions will help finance terrorism. And in order to prevent clerical terrorism in European countries, the statement by the European Union on April 29, 1997, on their intelligence agents and agents should be implemented. ”

But the statement of the European Union of April 29, 1997, regarding the steps the European Union must take on the regime’s terrorism, states:

“Stop bilateral meetings at ministerial level with Iran or Iran under current conditions”.

“Confirmation of EU-funded policy on non-procurement of Iranian weapons”. “Collaboration to ensure that visas are not issued to Iranians for intelligence and security agencies”.

“Focus on the expulsion of Iranian intelligence from EU countries”.


Reza Hoseani is a writer, analyst, expert on Iranian affairs, a human rights activist and a defender of the rights of women, children and political prisoners



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