Iran: MEK Resistance Units Say the Overthrow of Ali Khamenei Is Certain

December 10, 2021—PMOI/MEK Resistance Units support the uprising in Isfahan. The network of Mojahedin Khalgh (MEK) inside Iran install posters of Iranian Resistance leader Massoud Rajavi and President-elect of the

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Antwerp court reveals details on bomb plot against Free Iran gathering

By Farid Mahoutchi December 11, 2021 The fourth session of an appeals court for three Iran-linked terrorists, held in Antwerp, Belgium, on Friday, revealed

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Iran Sham Election: A Band Of Mass Murderers, War Criminals, Thieves, And Thugs

By NCRI editorial Genuine choice and constructive instruments for collective decision-making underpin democratic and fair elections. They are thus the most apparent ensign of a

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