The 37th day of Ahvaz National Steel Workers Protesting

For the 37th day, the National Steel Workers have been protesting. They are demanding back wages, better work conditions and regime change. Below are

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Iran Uprising: The Path to Freedom – The Alternative (Live Event)

Iran Uprising: The Path to Freedom – The Alternative (Live Event) will start at 2pm EST on Saturday September 22nd, 2018. English

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The Latest Videos from the Protests in Kazerun

Over the past week, there has been multiple protests in Kazerun that has resulted in the deaths of  several protesters.  Here are some of the

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Mass Protests erupt in Kazerun (Video)

Several civilians were injured during clashes with security forces in Kazerun tonight.  After taking to the streets earlier in the day, some of the

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Iran Has Been Outed: How to Seize the Momentum

By Irina Tsukerman With Prime Minister Netanyahu’s presentation of the 100,000 pages worth of records from the Iranian nuclear archives smuggled by the Mossad out

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Do Iranians really hate America?

On May 11th, Iran aired a video from an old protest, as a last ditch effort, to inspire American hatred. The video was aired

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Stand up for a #FreeIran Stand with the Iranian people as they risk their lives to defeat a brutal dictatorship. Echo the voices of

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U.S. currency seized at the Iraqi border.

Yesterday a shipment of U.S currency was seized at the Iraqi border. The money was sent by the Iranian Regime to Iraq to support

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Iranian Quds strikes Israel with missiles

Here’s video of Iranian Quds Forces attacking Israel near the Israel-Lebanon border.  The missiles came from within Syria. A number of rockets were intercepted by

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Trump to announce final decision on Iran deal

Via Twiiter, Monday May 7th at 11:44 a.m. Trump announced that he would be making a final decision on the Iran nuclear deal tomorrow

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