Statement of 12 Recent European Articles on Iran, Reactions and Consequences

By Reza Hoseani
The website of the European Union published its statement “Conclusion” on Iran, the first paragraphs of which were the repetition of the well-known EU position on the nuclear deal with the Iranian regime, a point of departure for European policies with the United States. Europe, after expressing the “positive points” of the nuclear deal, has emphasized on four distinct issues that are common to their positions with the United States.
Common Materials Statement of the European Union with the Declaration of 12 Articles of “Pompeo”:
First, stop the ballistic missile program of the Iranian regime, especially the launch of missiles that are in contravention of Security Council resolution 2231.
Second, expressing concern over the military interference of the regime in the region, especially the continued presence of its forces in Syria and Yemen.
Third, expressing Europe’s deep concern about the hostile and terrorist activities of the Iranian regime in Europe
Fourth, Concern over human rights violations and executions is discrimination against women and minorities.
This clause is a new point to the Pompeo Declaration of 12 Articles, and the European Union has included in its statement, given the sensitivity of Europeans to the issue of human rights abuses in Iran.
In fact, the statement by Europe on the actions of the Iranian regime on missile activities, Terrorism and its interference in the affairs of the countries of the region, agrees with the statement of the 12 articles of the Mike Pompeo and the State Department that was published some time ago.
In addition, the issue of human rights has also been added to the European conditions due to the sensitivity of the public opinion of Europe.
What is the difference between politics in Europe and the United States?
Europe is focusing on maintaining a nuclear deal with the mullahs’ regime, and its policy is basically the same, while the US firmly rejects the agreement that the US president describes it terrible.
US policy is changing the agreement and reaching a better deal that does not give all the points to the Iran regime.
The important point is that Europe to maintain this agreement which does not have much effect without the presence of America, has defined the requirements for the Iran regime.
Of course, in this statement, Europe is trying to maintain a nuclear deal but cannot ignore the ultimatums of America in the existing balance of power!
In fact, Europe faces two sides. On the one hand with the regime and on the other hand with the US. The US position is negotiating and signing a new agreement with the Iran regime if the regime accepts 12 conditions announced by Pompeo.
Now Europe is telling the Iran regime that it has to execute at least three of its main issues!
That is, the retreat of missile activities, terrorist acts and their interference in the region.
Europe needs solving these three issues to negotiate with the United States to maintain a nuclear deal.
Meanwhile, the issue of human rights has also been raised due to the pressure of public opinion.
In addition to the 3 basic conditions of the 12 American terms, Europe itself has also added a very serious axis to the debts of the mullahs, which is extremely bitter for the regime.
What is the reaction of the Iran regime and what is the response?
The Iran regime has not officially disagreed with the European Union but only expressed its dissatisfaction with it.
Expressing disappointment is opposed to the weakness of the position.
Of course, given the state of the regime and the current balance, this weakness of the regime is understandable.
But Khamenei knows that if he retreats, he will soon lose his rule. Especially that Europe has added the human rights axis this time. The axis that clearly was not in Pompeo’s 12th article.
It should now be taken into account that Europe has aligned itself with the wishes and conditions of the United States with these four axes. It can even be said that these are consistent with the goals of the Warsaw conference.
Europe was the only hope and last resort to save the regime from the status quo, but as much as Europe becomes in line with the US policies, Iran regime becomes more isolated.


Reza Hoseani is a writer, analyst, expert on Iranian affairs, a human rights activist and a defender of the rights of women, children and political prisoners

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