Sanctions And Blacklisting Iran Regime, The Causes, And Consequences

By Reza Hoseani

On Tuesday, January 8, 2019, the European Union categorized the Ministry of Intelligence of the Iranian Security Forces and two of its officials on the terrorist list of the union.

Reuters reported on Tuesday that the Danish Foreign Minister and his diplomats said the European Union approved the inclusion of a part of the Iranian intelligence ministry and its two brokers on the European Union terrorist list for designing a terrorist attack in Europe.

The Danish Ministry of the Interior named the two employees as Saeed Hashemi Moghaddam, Deputy Assistant Secretary, and Assadullah Asadi, a Vienna-based diplomat who was in charge of the information department.

Reuters reminded: Denmark’s Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen said on Tuesday that the European Union has agreed to sanctions against Iran’s intelligence service for plotting a terrorist attack in Europe.


The Danish Foreign Minister said on Tuesday:

“The European Union has now agreed to impose sanctions against the Iranian intelligence service for plotting assassinations in Europe. A strong signal from the European Union that does not accept such behavior in Europe”

The process of this decision:

This happened when Denmark announced that Denmark had defeated the assassination plot on its territory by the Iranian intelligence ministry. The EU, therefore, decided to block assets belonging to the Iranian intelligence ministry and two other members of the ministry.

Danish Foreign Minister emphasized: So this is a very clear message to the Iranian regime that terrorist activities and assassinations in Europe are totally unacceptable and we stand against it and this will cost the Iranian regime.

After disclosing the Danish counterterrorism program, Danish Foreign Minister said:

Denmark is at the tip of the European Union to boycott the intelligence organs of the Iranian regime for planning its terrorist operations and will push this demand forward.

Samuelsen says: Today is a great victory that we in the European Union agreed to place as Deputy Security Directorate of the Ministry of Intelligence of the Iranian regime on the terrorist list. So far no state institution has been included in any terrorist list.


In this way, the European Union, in addition to the insecure internal intelligence deputy of the intelligence ministry, has imposed sanctions on Saeed Hashemi Moghaddam, Deputy Minister of Information and Assadullah Asadi. Asadullah Asadi was arrested and subsequently handed over to Belgium by the German authorities for the trial of the terrorist conspiracy against the great gathering of the Iranian Resistance in the Paris Violent and ordered the delivery of bombs to the terrorists. He is now in prison.

In a situation where the mullahs inside Iran are faced with insurrectional uprisings and activities of the networks of Iranian resistance, they are faced with successive strikes in the political arena, whose terrorist plans fail and create double problems.

The fact is that this EU action has taken place when the mullahs are waiting for the European economic package and its mandate!

Of course, the European package in its entirety could not solve the problems of the regime on the verge of overthrowing, however, with this recent move of Europe, the mullahs can no longer give their forces a sense of hope.

Consequently, it can be viewed as another failure for the regime and a victory for the resistance of the Iranian people, which will accelerate the process of intensifying the global isolation of the clans and the rise of the uprisings.

In this regard, the National Council of Resistance issued a statement that reads as follows:

NCRI: Preventing terrorism in Europe requires blacklisting of Iranian regime’s MOIS and IRGC

On Tuesday, January 8, 2019, the Danish Foreign Minister, Anders Samuelsen, announced enacting sanctions against the security deputy and two agents of Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) for its terrorist plots on European soil. These sanctions are a necessary response to prevent the continuation of the terrorist acts of this regime on the European soil, which must be completed by blacklisting the Ministry of Intelligence and the Revolutionary Guards in their totality, and by putting on trial and expelling the regime’s intelligence agents and mercenaries. The ruling mullahs in Iran should know that their terrorist activities would have serious consequences.

Had the policy of appeasement not prevented the imposition of European Union’s declaration of 29 April 1997 against the Iranian regime’s terrorism, claiming that all agents and mercenaries of the MOIS should be expelled from Europe, the Iranian regime would have not dared have its terrorist act freely in France, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Luxembourg and Albania, and employ its diplomats and embassies for terrorism in flagrant violation of international treaties.

Over the past three decades, the Iranian Resistance has always emphasized that the Iranian regime’s foreign ministry and embassies are part of the terrorist apparatus of the religious fascism ruling Iran.

German’s Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV), in its July 2017 report, announced: “The official headquarters of the Ministry of Intelligence at the Iranian Embassy in Berlin has an important role in the secret service’s reconnaissance. In addition to conducting independent intelligence operations, this headquarters supports activities conducted by the Ministry of Intelligence in Tehran. These operations are mainly against targets in Germany and, in some cases, against individuals or facilities in other European countries.”

The Iranian Resistance emphasizes the need to implement the following measures by the European Union to prevent the mullahs’ terrorism in the European countries:

Complete blacklisting of the MOIS and the IRGC;

Shutting down the Iranian regime’s embassies, and the expulsion of its diplomat-terrorists;

According to the European Union’s declaration of April 29, 1997, visas should be refrained from being issued to intelligence agents of the mullahs’ regime; the agents and mercenaries that are on European soil should be expelled, and meetings of European officials with the Iranian regime at ministerial level should be stopped.

Taking advantage of appeasement policy, the Iranian regime has, in recent years, deployed a large number of its agents and mercenaries under different titles in Europe and the United States in pursuit of espionage and terrorist objectives of this regime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

January 8, 2019





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