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INU- Protests broke out across Iran on Monday as the strikes by teachers, retirees, shopkeepers, and truck drivers continued and were joined more and more Iranians who are tired of the Regime’s malign rule.

As the strikes grow, the Regime’s rule is more and more untenable. Here are just some of the examples:


– PhD students rallied outside of the Iranian regime’s parliament protesting how hard it is to find jobs

– Other students gathered at Amir Kabir University to protest the incompetence of college officials and the decision to cancel exams

– Clients of the Revolutionary Guards-linked Caspian credit firm demanded their stolen money back, chanting slogans like “The bankrupt government is sitting on our money”, in a protest outside the Iranian regime’s Central Bank

– Residents of the Vanak district protested the destruction of their homes


Farmers held a rally to protest the plundering policies of the Iranian regime and not receiving their share of water for their lands

– More victims of the Caspian credit firm gathered outside of the local Caspian branch to demand their money, chanting “We’ll continue our protests until our money is returned”

Haft Tappeh

– Livestock workers went on strike to protest pressures imposed by regime officials


– Municipality workers held a protest outside the city hall to demand their six-month delayed paychecks


– Open University students rallied to protest the ridiculous decision to scrap the nursing course, after students had already started


– Employees at the Albroz Industrial Complex protested having not received their pensions for the past 14 months

Protests were also rife over the weekend, with some of those continuing onto Monday.

On Saturday, protests broke out from PhD students, swindled investors, and fire-fighters.

The PhD students in Tehran gathered outside the Ministry of Sciences building – despite threats from education officials – to protest the lack of foreign currency available at the cheap government rate, which was promised by education officials.

While clients of the Sekeye Thaman credit company rallied outside of the public prosecutor’s office to demand the return of their stolen savings, and clients of the Kuye Farzan credit company gathered outside of the district mayor’s office, holding a banner that read: “We are requesting houses and criminals to be handed over to the judiciary”.

In Shadegan, southwest Iran, fire-fighters gathered outside of the Khuzestan governor’s office to demand an increase in salary, plus the payment of nine months’ back wages.

While young people in   Behbahan, southwest Iran, turned up at Friday prayer site for a second week to protest their unemployment, after non-locals were hired at a nearby refinery.

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45 labour activists were arrested by the Islamic Regime in Iran! We need your support!

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