The horrors and confessions of Khamenei or his power in his recent speech to Basij militias?

By Reza Hoseani

On Thursday, October 4, 2018, Khamenei of the Supreme Leader of the Iranian regime held a rally with Basij militant corps in Azadi Stadium.

So that it can turn it into a power show and give hope and morale to its forces.

Of course, his words and warnings and confessions were nothing new; he repeated them since the beginning of the Iranian uprising in January of last year.

Khamenei held this gathering in a situation where on November 4, the US oil embargo will begin against the Iranian regime.

On the other hand, the growing internal crisis of the clerical regime shows itself in the wars and conflicts of the various gangs of the Mullahs’ regime in the Assembly of the mullahs over their FATF bills.

It’s also in that situation Truck strike across the homeland,

despite all the methods of repression, including the arrests and threats of execution of the striking drivers by the clerical judiciary, has gone through Thursday October 4, 12 days. Thus, indicating the continuation And the continuation of the uprising of the Iranian people.

But Khamenei confessed at the start of his speech to the sensitive situation in which the Iranian regime was positioned, saying, “The position of the country, of the region, and of the world are sensitive situations.” He also warned against the dark outlook for the Mullahs’ regime and said to his troops: “Do not think the road is smooth as a highway!”

Khamenei foolishly denied the existence of a stalemate for the clerical regime and claimed that the “Mullahs regime” was not deadlocked. “The deadlock is a real flaw, thank God, we have no deadlock,” he said.

The real flaw is that the youth of the country suspect that there is no solution other than harboring the enemy, this is a flaw.

Some try to induce our youth, and the enemy wants it. The enemy wants the Iranian nation to conclude that it is deadlocked, there is no solution. ”

These words of Khamenei show precisely that the Mullahs’ regime has been plagued by a deadly deadlock, and if no one is in deadlock, he needs to gather his forces and remind them that these are the “claims of some” who want to pretend that the government The Mullahs’ are deadlocked.

In a demonstration of the Basij militia, Khamenei, while confessing to the “shortage of livelihoods for a large part of the population,” announced the repression of the Mullahs’ regime in order to contain the situation and maintain a clerical regime. And told the Basij and the Revolutionary Guards wherever they are needed, they have the right to shoot.

He also pointed to the internal crisis in the clerical regime and said: “If the enemy feels that there is no co-existence between the officials of the country, or that he is creating distance between the people and the authorities, they are encouraged to pay attention to their intensity. The officials of the country, the people, especially our dear youth, must give the enemy the message of power, not a message of weakness. ”

Khamenei emphasized censorship of cyberspace. He expressed concern about the media, including TVs and social networks, and likened them to chemical weapons.   These statements by Khamenei reflect the uncertainty of the project of cyber-filtering project by the Iranian regime since the beginning of the uprising of the Iranian people in January, various measures have been taken.  The mobilization of many government facilities and spending a lot of its expansion.

This proves that censorship and filtering of social media has not succeeded by the Mullahs’ regime and has failed, which now Khamenei expresses such fears in the media.    Khamenei said about those who believe in the government that there is no way of understanding with the United States.  Khamenei explicitly said, “They betray. This is betrayal of the country. This is the biggest betrayal, and I will not let it die. It will happen in the country.”

He added that the United States will get  another strain from the Iranian regime and emphasized that the missile and presence in the region are elements of the power and authority of the Mullahs’ regime.

Khamenei had no weapons, except for the threat of repression. Of course, he himself was aware of his lack of work and said:

“This is not a mere slogan. Hollow speech is like some of the slogans and words that some people do not like.” It is clear that these words will not solve any problem from the forces that are dying, and the lost spirit will not be resolved, and the uprising of the Iranian people will continue until the overthrow of the mullahs.

Reza Hoseani is a writer, analyst, expert on Iranian affairs, a human rights activist and a defender of the rights of women, children and political prisoners

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