Iran: PMOI/MEK network targeting Khamenei representative office+ Videos

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, March 2, 2019 – A report on “Resistance Units,” a vast network associated to the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), and their recent measures in numerous cities across the country, aiming to overcome the climate of fear installed throughout the society by the mullahs’ regime and their domestic crackdown apparatus.



Members of Resistance Unit 514 in Neyshabur, northeast Iran, set fire to the entrance of this city’s Friday prayer imam office by throwing Molotov cocktails and chanting, “Shah, Sultan, Velayat; Your death is near – Hail to the National Liberation Army of Iran.” Friday prayers imams in each city, town and village are considered the representative of the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.




In Tabriz, northwest Iran, members of a resistance unit took to graffiti to write, “Death to Khamenei, Hail to Rajavi,” on a pedestrian bridge. They were referring to Iranian Resistance leader Massoud Rajavi and President Maryam Rajavi, head of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).




Members of a numerous resistance units visited the Khavaran mass grave site where at least hundreds, if not thousands, of PMOI/MEK members and supporters executed during the summer 1988 massacre are buried.

The resistance units’ activities are raising grave concerns among regime officials and they are going the distance to prevent the PMOI/MEK’s influence on the country’s young generation.

Seyed Abolhassan Hassanzadeh, Friday prayer imam of Ahvaz, southwest Iran, described social media as a bomb that is continuously causing casualties for the mullahs’ regime.

Abbasali Moghisi, Friday prayer imam of Nahavand, western Iran, also expressed grave concerns about the PMOI/MEK.

“Today, the weapon that can destroy the [regime] is a keyboard and social media. [PMOI/MEK] members are controlling these weapons,” he said.

Seyed Yousef Tabatabaie-Nejad, Friday prayer imam of Isfahan went as far as to say the PMOI/MEK are controlling social media platforms.

“Some people on social media have destroyed the clergy’s image. These type of measures in various channels are directed by the PMOI/MEK,” he said.

Back in September and in his remarks to a group of Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Basij members, Khamenei had specifically used the term “chemical bomb” in regards to social media.

“The media tool is important. If it is controlled by the enemy, it will be a dangerous tool that can be tantamount to chemical weapons in military warfare,” Khamenei said.

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