Iran: Kazeroun uprising

PMOI/MEK reporter in Kazerun

Friday, May 18th, 2018 – The following is a report sent from a PMOI/MEK reporter in Kazerun:

The Iranian regime didn’t expect its plan to divide the city into two smaller sections to face such a stiff resistance from the people. This is why authorities opened fire and shed the blood of innocent demonstrators.

As a result, it is now proven that the Iranian people have no good feelings about a regime of all out cruelty and deception, and they turned these protests into an opportunity to express their outrage about the entire regime.

Locals of Kazerun are also paying no attention to the regime’s so-called reformist elements that intended to divert the demonstrations and prevent any anti-regime rally.

During today’s Friday prayer sermon locals paid no attention to the city imam (appointed by Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei), sitting with their backs toward him. This goes alongside the fact that he fled the city on Wednesday night as so many people were in the city setting regime buildings on fire.

Furthermore, the very fact that people are paying the price of such protests with their lives shows how they seek regime change and the overthrow this dictatorial regime.

When authorities refuse to hand over the dead corpse of recently killed protesters; when they besiege hospitals with security forces; when they cram arrested protesters into trailers and transfer them instantly to Shiraz; when they dispatch security forces from Shiraz, Tehran and Bushehr to continue quelling the protesters, it is crystal clear that the regime views the recent protests as a riot far more than demonstrations against plans to divide the city.

The city of Kazerun and its residents differ extremely from the city and locals of two weeks ago. People are extremely motivated and the intense atmosphere can be felt.

The blood shed from innocent protesters has changed all current circumstances.


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45 labour activists were arrested by the Islamic Regime in Iran! We need your support!

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