Iran’ intel chief: Widespread PMOI/MEK activities in NW Iran, 60 arrested

NCRI, April 25, 2019 – A few days after the hollow show of power by the clerical regime’s Minister of Intelligence, the Director General of the province of East Azarbaijan’ Intelligence said on April 24: “In 2018, the activities of the PMOI/MEK in the province grew more widespread, and for the year 2019, they are planning for gatherings and collecting information. Last year, the Mojahedin (PMOI/MEK) expanded their activities by exploiting the economic and social conditions, and 60 people associated with the MEK communication hubs were arrested” and 50 more were “briefed”!.

On April 19, 2019, Mahmoud Alavi, the clerical regime’s Minister of Intelligence, tried to boost the morale of the regime’s depressed forces after the terrorist designation of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), by making ridiculous claims such as the mullahs’ Gestapo had made “intelligence epic” by “Khamenei’s guidelines” over the past year. He said, “Over the past year, 116 teams related to PMOI/MEK have been dealt with.”

The arrests of 2018 that the mullahs’ Intelligence henchmen confess to were far more, and the mullah’s regime should declare the names and characteristics of all of the detainees, and give them their rights under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Covenants.

In another development, the mullahs’ inhumane regime in recent weeks has arrested a large number of young people in Khuzestan province, especially ethnic Arabs, to prevent the emergence and expansion of anti-government protests in the wake of the devastating flood in the province.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, called once again for the immediate action of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and the international human rights organizations to release the arrested and to appoint delegations to visit the regime’s prisons and meet with political prisoners.


Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

April 25, 2019

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45 labour activists were arrested by the Islamic Regime in Iran! We need your support!

45 labour activists were arrested by the Islamic Regime in Iran! We need your support!

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I express my strongest protest against the arrest and detention of those who participated in the gathering of May Day 2019 in Tehran. I demand the following:

♦️All the May Day detainees in Iran must be immediately and unconditionally released!
♦️All charges against labor rights activists including ‘national security’ charges must be dropped!
♦️The terror and violence against workers and their families must stop!
♦️Workers in Iran should be able to freely exercise their fundamental rights to organize, set up their own organisations, and take part in rallies, assemblies and protests, and to take part in strike action!

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