How Iran begins to bear the post-JCPOA era

PMOI/MEK staff writer

May 12, 2018 — Heavy sanctions are being imposed by the United States on the Iranian regime following U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from a nuclear accord he considered highly flawed and the most ridiculous agreement in history.

Numerous voices from inside Iran are expressing major concerns in this regard, especially referring to the fact that the country’s society will no longer tolerate such difficult circumstances and the highly likely scenario of this entire issue backfiring against the ruling mullahs’ sitting in Tehran.

The U.S. Treasury Department is banning any new contracts with the Iranian regime and providing a maximum of 180 days for those already involved to scale down and undo their business with Tehran. Companies including Airbus and Boeing are already understanding the circumstances and preparing for the aftermath.

Germany is specifically saying in the face of U.S. sanctions the government has no power to protect German firms against who those decide to continue doing business with Tehran. It is now crystal clear Iran will be trekking this road all alone.

“We’re all on the same ship, and if this ship is damaged, we will all suffer. We should focus our efforts on maintaining this ship intact,” said Ali Sofi, a figure close to the so-called “reformist” camp in Iran.

Azar Mansouri, another so-called reformist in Iran, said “those who have influence” have remained silent following the December/January uprising.

There are other voices in Iran referring to the public abhorrence regarding the mullahs’ regime and the lack of trust in the ruling apparatus.

“Looking at different corners across the country, we come to this conclusion that crisis-rendering wounds are being opened one after another and sooner than later Iran will be engulfed in crisis,” one outlet wrote.

Iran’s conservatives/hardliners are also acknowledging the dire situation at hand.

“Government officials and senior figures should know that no country in the world will ever crumble unless its people lose all confidence,” according to the state-run Javan daily, affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC).

“The main issue at hand is not the JCPOA being intact or cancelled. The main problem is within ourselves… harsh circumstances await us” and “God forbid we may actually witness an economic, or even national crumbling of the entire state,” various figures add, such as Mostafa Tajzadeh, a member of Iran’s so-called parliament.

These remarks come at a time when Iran’s oil and gas sector, the Central Bank, its aviation and shipping lines, the IRGC and all affiliates are on the crosshairs of crippling sanctions implemented as we speak and on the way.

A “reformist” website warns of increasing “dissent throughout the society” and “the society will soon enter a new atmosphere of protests.” The outlet continues by reminding the fact that the Iranian people have lost hope in all currents, as protesters chanted “Reformists, principalists, game over” during the Dec/Jan uprising throughout Iran.

Iran’s regime is facing a dangerous impasse and dead

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