France’s recent decision on relations with Iran and its implications

More isolation of the mullahs regime after the recent French decision

By Reza Hoseani

In the new international, regional and intra-Iranian conditions, there are factors that negatively affect the Iranian regime’s terrorist and thuggish actions, which is different in the light of the pace and progress of the developments at this stage, which is perhaps the case in the clerical regime’s calculations somewhere not have.One of these is the recent decision of France regarding the Iranian regime.

The French government recently advised all its diplomats and representatives not to travel to Iran for security reasons. This news has been widely reflected in the world news media over the past few days, with “Sadness of relations between Tehran and Paris”, “the tightening of Iran-France relations”, “the weariness of trust between the government of Tehran and Paris,” and “darkness” Relations between the parties “was reported.

Reuters reported that this recommendation was directly related to the terrorist act against the PMOI.

The question is, under what conditions does France limit its diplomatic travels to Iran?

Apart from the failure of the policy of compromise with the mullahs, which plays a central role in this process, certain factors have contributed to this decision by the French government. Among the frustrations of France and European countries, one can mention the turning of the regime’s policies.

It seems that France and the European countries were waiting for the regime to turn around in terms of the expectations that they had of the regime about the four conditions that had previously been issued by the European countries and, in particular, by the French President, including:

– In the ballistic missile project,

– On the issue of terrorism and regional interference,

– And about human rights.

But only with regard to the issuance of terrorism and regional interference of the Iranian regime, we saw that the Mullahs’ secretary of defense went to Syria, where he signed new contracts with the Syrian Defense Minister, while the American and European demands of the withdrawal of regime forces from Syria and other countries of the region And to cut off the financial and logistical support of the regime to its subordinate terrorist groups.

More recently, French President Macron said the country’s politics were upholding, but again reiterated the four French constitution. Conditions that the regime has not responded to.

In the same words, Macron emphasized that the fight against terrorism was the priority of French foreign policy, and made it clear that diplomacy of his country was defined by providing security to French citizens. He believes countering terrorism through blocking terrorist financing.

Therefore, in such a situation, when the Iranian regime makes a negative response to the French and European conditions and makes the territory of France a place for terrorist operations, it is not easy for France to show that it is still relaxed with the regime.

France’s decision to limit its diplomats’ trips to Tehran is starting a new round of regime isolation.

Considering that France has always had a more active policy in Europe regarding the issue of Iran and the United States, and has been leading in this regard; therefore, the recent decision will have a decisive influence on the policies of all European countries and the confrontation with the Iranian regime is further strengthened.

It also closes gaps between Europe and the United States in relation to the issue of the Iranian regime and the ring of isolation completes the mullahs regime and it is clear that its effects quickly become apparent in the economic and political situation of the regime and in the escalation of the regime’s crises.

Reza Hoseani is an author, analyst ,Iranian expert and human rights activist and defender of women and children rights

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