Clear Fabrication by the Clerical Regime’s Mercenaries in Albania and the Channel 4 of England

The Security and Anti-Terrorism Committee of the National Council of Resistance of Iran disclosed in details in its statements of August 16, September 2 and September 19, 2018, that the dirty plans and campaigns of the clerical regime’s agents and mercenaries around the Mojahedin’s residence in Albania under the cover of British Channel 4 reporters and Al-Jazeera (English) were completely done “on the orders” of the mullahs regime.

The clerical regime foreign minister, Jawad Zarif, on September 16, an hour after the smear campaign of Al-Jazzera English TV, called on the CEO of Twitter to close the accounts of the Mojahedin in Tirana who are calling for “regime change,” instead of closing the regime’s accounts.

One month after Zarif’s request, Twitter on October 17 released one million and one hundred thousand tweets of the religious fascism ruling Iran, whose accounts had previously been closed due to “coordinated abuse.” According to the Washington Post, “Twitter accounts originating in Iran masqueraded as foreign journalists and concerned U.S. citizens in their attempt to push political messages on the social media.”

The September 19 statement of the Security and Anti-Terrorism Committee pointed out: “The Mojahedin in letters dated August 10 and August 13 to Channel 4 and in a letter dated August 22, 2018 to Al-Jazeera English exposed the dirty scenarios that had been dictated to the mullah-friendly reporters’ network with details and documents and the names of mercenaries used in these programs. Furthermore, former Intelligence Minister Ali Fallahian admitted in a television interview on July 9, 2017: ‘To gather information, the Ministry of Intelligence needs a cover, whether inside or outside the country. We do not send an intelligence officer to Germany or the United States to say that I am from the Ministry of Intelligence. A business or journalism cover is needed.’”

The Mojahedin in the letters of August 10th and 13th to Channel 4 and in the letter of August 22, 2018 to the Algerian Channel, the dirty scenarios dictated by the” Friends of the Reporter “network, provided the details of the mullahs, along with The documents and names of mercenaries used in these programs were revealed. Former Mojahedin Khuzestan intelligence official Dzhokhim Fallahian said July 18, 1396 in a television interview that the Ministry of Intelligence needs to cover both inside and outside the country. We do not send an intelligence officer. Germany or the United States say that I am from the Ministry of Intelligence, covering business or journalism. ”

Interestingly, the British Channel 4 Television cited a fabricated report from the Albanian police on the Mojahedin in the same program of September 6 against the PMOI. According to the report, “in Iraq, some of the former members of the organization were killed (by themselves) … And there is a reasonable doubt that the situation in Albania is similar to the situation in Iraq.” Also, according to a Channel 4 correspondent, “Albanian security officials are concerned that the PMOI is building a government within the government. “This is an organization with very strict laws and anyone who violates their criminal laws may be killed by other members of the group,” says Ylli Zyla, former head of the Albanian Intelligence Agency (2008-2012).

Ylli Zyla, is a dismissed colonel for smuggling. He is associated with Vincent Trist, a citizen of Albania. Vincent Trist, who originally introduced himself as a British citizen, was among the British Channel 4 crew in visiting and secretly filming a PMOI residence in Albania on August 10; the next day, his photos appeared on Facebook of mercenary Khodabandeh (Interlink, London). The Iranian regime’s embassy in Tirana has taken him several times to Iran as a journalist.

But the purpose of the vicious demonization in Channel 4 and the like is primarily to whitewash and diminish the regime’s terrorist operations against the Mojahedin during this year’s Norooz celebrations in Albania, that was later revealed by the Albanian prime minister. In the course of foiling this terrorist attack, two of the regime’s agents in Albania were arrested and deported. “They were taking pictures at the moment of arrest and told the counterterrorism police and officers that they were journalists … “(Report-TV-March 22, 2018).

The report attributed to the Albanian police is also part of the religious justification scenario (!) of the same terrorist operation and its continuation in the future. Similar to this scenario and attributing the torture and murder of the members of the Mojahedin to themselves, has repeatedly appeared in the mullahs’ scenes in Iran and Iraq and does not surprise anyone. Ghaidan, the criminal commander of the ground forces of the “New Iraq” puppet, Nouri Maliki, also claimed that 33 of the 36 martyrs during the attack on Camp Ashraf on April 11 2011 were shot from the back by the Mojahedin themselves! The fabricated report attributed to the Albanian police is of the same kind.

The report was first shown on the Albanian Fax Web TV Channel on March 25, 2018 in three pages without a letterhead. At that time, in response to the PMOI, Albanian authorities denied involvement of the government and police in presenting such a report and said that it was necessary to investigate who was behind this because its contents were not believed by the police, the army and the Albanian government. In addition, if it was a police report, it should have been first received by the relevant authorities. Hence, the release of such a report was accompanied by a question mark for themselves.

Report attributed to the police on the Fax Web – March 25, 2018

But what the British Channel 4 showed, was the same report that a police letterhead was added to it.

British Channel 4 report – September 6, 2018

In a careful study, it turned out that the header of the report was also manipulated:

Regarding the content of the report, a police official said that police reports never used terms such as Islamic Marxist, and thus it is a trick to deceive public opinion against the Mojahedin, as the lies contained in it are not the position of the government and the police of Albania.

Moreover, the letterhead is not consistent with the text of the document. The header is related to another document that was pasted on the pages and indicated that it was forged. In the past, criminal gangs and mafia have also made such fakes in Albania.

Albanian lawyers specializing in current police procedures also confirmed that, based on all the evidence available, the report is completely out of line with standard Albanian police reports and is fake.

Another noteworthy point is that the Iranian resistance had previously disclosed mercenaries that were the only sources mentioned in this document (the statement by the NCRI secretariat – February 13, 2018).

– Ehsan Bidi (in report named as Hasan Bidi)

On April 19, 2012, he surrendered himself to Iraqi forces at Camp Liberty and went to Baghdad’s Mohajer Hotel, which was controlled by agents of the Ministry of Intelligence and the Quds terrorist force. He was then transferred to Turkey and from there to Romania and to Albania. The Iranian passport of this agent (No. 16359072) has been issued on January 27, 2013. This clearly shows that asylum is not relevant to this person, and the Iranian resistance has repeatedly pointed this out to the UNHCR.

Another agent who is a source of the fake report is Manouchehr ABDI.

In August 2004, he went from Iran to Camp Ashraf in Iraq, and the Mojahedin granted him refuge solely on the basis of humanitarian considerations. His written application to this effect, dated August 19, 2004, along with his firing order dated May 24, 2017, for communicating with the clerical regime’s Intelligence, attached to his own admission regarding the acceptance of that disgraceful relationship have been previously published.

Saadollah Seyfi, the third mercenary cited in the fabricated report, is now serving the clerical regime’s Intelligence inside Iran in Kermanshah.

This mercenary was in touch with the clerical intelligence agents inside and outside Iran from Albania. His expulsion order of November 10, 2017 has already been published.

– Bahman Azami is the fourth mercenary and source of lies in the report.

Another mercenary, Adel Azami, came to Albania in November 2017 to brief him, along with Anne Singleton, exposed agent of the regime’s Intelligence. Bahman Azami was then illegally got out of Albania by the clerical intelligence, in a reward for demonizing the Mojahedin.

Mercenaries: Manouchehr Abdi, Adel Azami, Saadollah Seyfi, Anne Singleton (Khodabandeh), Bahman Azami

Mercenaries: Anne Singleton (Khodabandeh) –Ehsan Bidi

The Security and Anti-Terrorism Committee revealed in a January 26, 2018 statement that the Ministry of Intelligence has dispatched Mostafa Roodaki, one of his terrorist diplomats, to Albania as the first secretary of the regime’s embassy to use these mercenaries by paying money and to implement spy and terrorist plots against the PMOI.

During the transfer of Mojahedin to Albania, Gholam Hossein Mohammadnia, another veteran intelligence officer of the mullahs, was appointed to the regime’s embassy in Albania. The plot to bomb the Iranians large gathering in Villepinte on June 30 this year (2018) clearly showed that the diplomats of the clerical regime were the religious Gestapo murderers who were heavily involved in terrorist acts against the Iranian resistance. At the same time as the Iranian regime’s diplomat was extradited from Germany to Belgium, who is being prosecuted for participation and providing explosives for bombing, the French government announced that the Iranian Intelligence ministry had issued the order.

The clerical regime intelligence agents in Albania should be tried and punished, or at least expelled.

National Resistance Council of Iran
Security and Anti-Terrorism Committee
October 20, 2018

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