Floods in Iran Preventions, Consequences and Responsibilities

 By Reza Hoseani After flooding in Golestan province, now the most painful news comes from Shiraz, Khorramabad, Qasrshirin, Abadan and North Khorasan. The gate of

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IRGC Commander highlights regime’s meddling in region

By Nikoo Amini The head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps said that the organization tasked with protecting the regime at all costs, had

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February Iran protest report: More than 240 protests

By Adena Nima According to reports from last month, there were more than 248 protests in 71 cities, villages, and industrial areas in Iran in the

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Iran: PMOI/MEK network continuing their activities in dozens of cities + Videos

IRAN NEWS 3/4/2019 Reported by PMOI/MEK   Iran, March  4, 2019 – More cities across Iran are witnessing members of “Resistance Units,” a vast network associated

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Hezbollah is a symptom, the Iranian regime is the disease

By Dr. Majid Rafizadeh More countries are demonstrating an interest in taking a tougher stance against Hezbollah. The British government last week joined the

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ASHRAF III, RISING From the ASHES: Iranian Opposition Terrifies Tehran Rulers; A European Delegation Report Paperback – February 2019

Introducing a new book by Struan Stevenson This European delegation report recalls the suffering of several thousand men and women members of the Iranian

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PMOI/MEK network increasing their activities across Iran + Videos

RESISTANCE 2/28/2019       Reported by PMOI/MEK   Iran, Feb. 28, 2019 – The following is the latest report of the activities of “Resistance Units,”

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Iran displays fundamental shift in its public reaction to pressure

By Dr. Majid Rafizadeh There seems to have been a shift in how the Iranian government publicly reacts to pressure under the presidency of

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