Latest flood news from Iran; People protesting regime incompetence

Iran, March 29, 2019 – As flood warnings continue for areas across Iran, locals in different cities and towns are complaining of continued inaction and incompetence from the ruling regime. People in the town of Aq Qala of Golestan Province in northeast Iran, hit hard by recent floods and still engulfed by floodwaters, rallied outside the mayor’s office on Friday demanding action by the officials.

Golestan Province deputy governor said water levels are rising around 10 centimeters in Aq Qala due to recent rains and mountain snow melting. Officials are asking locals to distance from riverbanks without describing how they will be providing the aid people need.

Water levels of Karkheh River of Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran, are continuously rising.



In Mashhad, northeast Iran, flood is reported in the Zeshk Shandeez road.



Mohammad Khodabakhshi, a member of the regime’s Majlis from the city of Aligudarz, western Iran, shed more light on the disastrous conditions.

“The path to 120 villages around Aligudarz have been completely destroyed… Unfortunately, roads to around 300 villages of Aligudarz will be blocked even with the slightest of rains… New asphalt roads are necessary to maintain connection and decrease the locals’ difficulties… 620 villages around this city are currently facing the threat of new floods… Currently, we have around 300 kilometers of dirt roads and unfortunately large villages are dependent to these roads,” he said, indicating how thousands of people are in stranded and in need of emergency aid.

Around 20 villages of Isfahan, central Iran, remain encircled by water and snow.

“Roads to five villages are blocked due to avalanches and 15 other villages are disconnected due to floods destroying bridges… Flood in Samirom has damaged four bridges,” said the director general of Crisis Management in Isfahan Province.


Rafi, Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran

Rafi, Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran


Following rains and recent floods, three villages near Andimeshk, southwest Iran, were evacuated.

In Behbahan, also in southwest Iran, floodwaters engulfed three more rivers. The village of Dehlavieh near Susangerd is also surrounded by floodwaters.

Karkheh Dam in this province is also reportedly in critical conditions. The Water and Electricity Organization of Khuzestan Province is warning of floods in and around the cities of HuwayzehSusangerdDarkhuwuinAhvaz and Shush. The AccuWeather website is issuing serious flood warnings for the western half of Iran during the days of Sunday and Monday.


AccuWeather issuing flood warnings for half of Iran

AccuWeather issuing flood warnings for half of Iran


Dams across Khuzestan Province are nearly full, reports indicate.

During the past 72 hours, more than three billion cubic meters of water have entered dams of Khuzestan Province, according to the local officials.

Considering weather forecasts of more rains on Sunday and Monday, measures are necessary to prevent further floods engulfing more parts of the province.

Locals, however, are reporting they are not seeing any such measures by their authorities.

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