Free Iran Grand March in Berlin, Saturday July 6, 2019

We started our journey in Europe’s capital, on June 15th in Brussels, then we traveled together, joined by thousands of Iranians in the #March4RegimeChangeByIranians. And yes, our voice was heard, with thousands of media coverage and reports and through a vast social media campaign million around the world were informed of the people’s cry for freedom. In his interview with ‘Face the Nation’, Vice President Mike Pence made a reference to the rally held across from the White House and said it is time for us to listen to the voice of the Iranian people.

From the US capital we traveled to the heart of the Iranian resistance in Albania, hearing from dignitaries from across Europe and Australia on the importance of standing with the Iranian resistance for a #FreeIran. And now we will come together once more in the heart of Europe, Berlin, at the historic Brandenburger Tor, where the world witnessed there’s no army stronger than an ideal which’s time has come. A city which was able to break the chains, and bring down the wall, serving as a barrier between its people.

And Saturday July 6, Iranians will come together in one voice: calling for a #FreeIran and showing their resolve in bringing down the walls of the ruling theocracy. While calling for change, Iranians will once more emphasize on the necessity of blacklisting Rouhani as the corrupt and vicious core of the regime.

Now, as Iranians gather from across Germany let us join them as they emphasize

Regime Change in Iran is Inevitable

It is time to stand by the Iranian resistance & people’s uprisings for a #FreeIran

The people of Iran deserve to live in peace with the world and in a democracy where their rights are respected.

A new hashtag will be announced at 16:30 as we call for the blacklisting of Rouhani, so join the campaign as we echo the voice of the Iranian people

We invite you to join us in our online campaign, simultaneous with the live event using the hashtag which will be announced on Iran Freedom alongside #IStandWithMaryamRajavi and #FreeIran to share with others, from your local media, to Iran analysts, and from the people of Iran to the international community why you stand in solidarity with the Iranian people and why you support the Solidarity March for a #FreeIran.

What you can do:

– Inform friends, family and activists interested in human rights and Iran Protests of the event

– Share the live broadcast of the gathering on social media to better echo the call for freedom and democracy in Iran.

– Show your solidarity by sharing your message through an image or a post on social media using the given hashtags

– Ask your local media and news outlets to cover the rally and report on the aspirations of the Iranian community.

Join the Campaign:

Saturday July 6, 2019 – 17:00 CEST

#FreeIran #IStandWithMaryamRajavi




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Sign the Petition

45 labour activists were arrested by the Islamic Regime in Iran! We need your support!

45 labour activists were arrested by the Islamic Regime in Iran! We need your support!

FREE ALL Labor activists in Iran

I express my strongest protest against the arrest and detention of those who participated in the gathering of May Day 2019 in Tehran. I demand the following:

♦️All the May Day detainees in Iran must be immediately and unconditionally released!
♦️All charges against labor rights activists including ‘national security’ charges must be dropped!
♦️The terror and violence against workers and their families must stop!
♦️Workers in Iran should be able to freely exercise their fundamental rights to organize, set up their own organisations, and take part in rallies, assemblies and protests, and to take part in strike action!

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