Approval of the bill to combat the financing of terrorism in the Iranian regime’s parliament and its message  

By ‌‌Reza Hoseani

On Sunday, October 7th, 2018, the Mullahs’ Parliament completed the final stage of ratification of the four bills for joining the FATF Protocol, and signed the bill to combat terrorism financing. The question is whether Khamenei is opposed to the adoption of the FATF, if the answer is yes, then how did the parliament approve it? It should be said that Khamenei has never disagreed with the approval of the FATF, and Khamenei’s fingerprints are now on the bill! On Sunday, October 7th, 2018, Ali Larijani read Khamenei’s letter in response to a question from the Speaker of the Parliament. Khamenei’s office wrote in response to Larijani’s letter: “The Supreme Leader has said that I am not opposed to reviewing the bills in the parliament to go through its legal path. This issue was communicated verbally to you when it was asked. ” With the disclosure of the letter, it became clear that the bill was approved by Khamenei’s press. Of course, the adoption of the bill was already foreseeable, because the spokesman of the parliamentary security committee and the speaker of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Parliament from the past few days had reported a favorable atmosphere in approving the bill. In fact, the handover of the four FATF-related bills to the parliament on the part of Khamenei had opened the way for the passage of the bill. What is the message of approval of this bill? The adoption of the bill suggests that the regime will not be able to stand up to the international community and against domestic pressures through sanctions, and in the balance of existing forces, it will have to pass the bill. Of course, this well-known tactic is a regime that, as far as it can, rejects the theorem, but when the work reaches a dangerous point, ignores its words and retreats. Although the passage of the bill has not yet been finalized because it should pass through the filter of the Khamenei Council of Guardians. But the question that is posed is: Does the passage of the bill mean a solution and an exit from the impasse for the regime? The answer is no, because the issue of the nuclear deal did not create a solution for the regime, so it will not be profitable for the mullahs themselves, and they themselves say that these actions are a factor in intensifying sanctions. Mullah Pajmanfar, a member of the Iranian regime’s parliament, said: “By signing and accepting the convention to counter terrorism financing, our country will face a lot of sanctions.” Nagi Hosseini also said that Rouhani should commit to resolving the country’s problems with the FATF, otherwise we will bring the plan to not qualify Rouhani! Javad Zarif also replied in his response: “No servant nor Mr. President can guarantee that by joining a financially disproportionate bill of terrorism, our problems will be solved. But we can guarantee that by not joining the bill, the United States will find an important excuse for increasing our problems. ”


Reza Hoseani is a writer, analyst, expert on Iranian affairs, a human rights activist and a defender of the rights of women, children and political prisoners





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