Iran: MEK Resistance Units back nationwide movement to boycott sham presidential elections

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, April 24, 2021—The Resistance Units, the network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) inside Iran, advanced its campaign to boycott the upcoming sham presidential elections in June.

The Resistance Units spread anti-regime slogans across the country calling for the boycott of the regime’s upcoming presidential election. Their slogans read “Our vote is regime change and boycott of the sham elections,” “Boycotting the election sham is a patriotic duty,” “No to the mullahs’ rule, no to religious tyranny, yes to a democratic republic.”

The election boycott has turned into a social movement these days and in various protests across the country where people chanted, “We have seen no justice and we will not vote.”

Even the regime’s state-run media warn that “the main contender” in the elections is the low turnout.

The harsh economic circumstances caused by the regime’s destructive have exacerbated the social outrage toward Iran’s rulers, which has reached a boiling point after more than four decades of tyranny and corruption. In the last two years, the Iranian people have expressed their desire for regime change in five nationwide uprisings. The latest was in November 2019, in which the security forces gunned down 1500 innocent protesters in the streets. The November protests have become a turning point and many within the regime acknowledged that its dust has still not settled.

The regime expects very low participation in the elections, and the daily activities of the Iranian Resistance Units across the country is fueling this social movement that has already found deep roots in the Iranian population.

In recent days, the Resistance Units organized anti-regime activities in Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tabriz, Kashan, Nishabur, Islam Abad, Kermanshah, Ilam, Neishekar, Behbahan, Saqqez, Amol, Gachsaran, Qazvin, Dezfoul, and Rafsanjan.

While supporting the MEK is punished with heavy prison sentences and execution, the Resistance Units did not shy away from installing huge posters of the Iranian Resistance leader Massoud Rajavi and the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRIMaryam Rajavi in Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Kashan, Nishabur, and Islam Abad. The NCRI and Mrs. Rajavi have presented a 10-point plan that is the direct opposite of the tyrannical rule of the mullahs, which recognizes equal opportunities for Iranians of all ethnicities, religions, and genders, and which declares the ballot box as the only source of legitimacy for the country’s rulers. The 10-point plan has garnered widespread support from Iranians inside the country and across the world.

“A strong no to the religious dictatorship, yes to a democratic republic,” “No to the mullahs’ rule, no to religious tyranny, no to repression, no to looting, and yes to freedom and a democratic republic,” “The Iranian people’s nationwide boycott of this election is the flip side of popular uprisings,” “The election boycott is a response to the killing of 1500 protesters in November 2019,” and “My vote is regime change and boycott of the sham elections,” the slogans read.

Also, in various cities the Resistance Units took to graffiti writing slogans against the Iranian regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei. “Down with Khamenei, hail to Rajavi,” their slogans read.

These activities portray a bigger reality which is the desire of 80 million Iranians for freedom, democracy, and regime change. These activities are carried out on the daily basis, even though due to coronavirus outbreak, the streets are mostly empty and marked with heavy presence of security forces and surveillance cameras.

In the last years, the regime tried very hard to silence the voice of the Resistance Units by detaining their activists. Back in February the regime resorted to mass arrests of MEK supporters and their family members in Iran and issued heavy sentences to many MEK supporters.

Thus, the members of the Resistance Units take the risk of being arrested, imprisoned, and tortured to carry out these activities that aim to help to break the atmosphere of fear and repression the mullahs have imposed and back and encourage the outraged people who demand regime change.

One of the members of the Resistance Units said in a secret interview with the Simaye Azadi, (the satellite television channel of the Iranian Resistance), “These mullahs are sucking our blood and it is enough, we must overthrow them, and their only fear is the MEK. And so is the MEK our only hope for change… Installing anti-regime posters in the streets under the threat of being arrested is not an easy task, but this is our struggle against the mullahs.”

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