Iranians at home and worldwide raise funds for ‘Simaye Azadi’ – Iran National Television

3 day Telethon for INTV
Support the voice of Iranian people in face of tyranny

Iran National Television (INTV) – also known as Simay-e-Azadi – will hold its 24th fund-raising event entitled ‘Solidarity’ from 13th to 15th of December, the latest reports have revealed.

Previous INTV (( fund-raising programs have all attracted widespread support from tens of thousands of Iranians inside Iran and overseas.

Over the 34 years, INTV has exposed the human rights violations, terrorism, and crimes of the mullahs, and has also echoed calls for the establishment of democracy and acted as the voice of freedom-loving Iranians and the Resistance.  Throughout this time, INTV has relied solely on the financial support of Iranians at home and abroad.

During the channel’s time on air, the regime has resorted to numerous methods to disrupt programming, including the jamming of transmission signals.  But INTV’s programs have remained on air 24-hours a day to break down the climate of fear in Iran’s society and act as the voice of hope and inspiration for freedom and establishing democracy in Iran.

Iranians around the world support this TV station as a sign of defiance to the mullahs’ regime and as a way of expressing their solidarity with the Iranian Resistance.

In the last INTV fundraising event that was on November 30, 2018, in addition to Iranians abroad, thousands of Iranians inside the country risked their security to take part, with funding being donated form those in Tehran, Kermanshah, Gilan Gharb, Sarpol Zahab, Islam Abad, Sanandaj (western Iran); Tabriz, Urumieh and other cities of Azerbaijan (in the northwest); Mashhad and Bojhnourd (northeast); Zahedan (southeastern Iran); Shiraz and Bushehr (in southern Iran); Ahvaz and other cities in Khuzestan (southwestern Iran); along with Karaj, Borujerd, Isfahan, Shahin Shahr and Semnan in the country’s central areas.

Simay-e-Azadi telethon, the scene of perseverance and solidarity
Simay-e-Azadi telethon, the scene of perseverance and solidarity

In recent years, officials of the mullahs’ regime have warned of the increasing popularity of this TV channel.

The mullahs’ regime has even arrested several dissidents on charges of providing financial support to INTV, sentencing them to long terms behind bars or even execution. One of these victims in last years was Gholamreza Khosravi, who was sentenced to death for merely providing financial support to INTV.

Now after the huge uprising of Iranians in Nov. 2019 with more than 1000 killed, 4000 wounded, 12000 arbitrary arrested youths who are under torture and their lives are in danger, supporting this Trustworthy Iranian News Outlets Is More Important Than Ever.

Standing up for the rights of others means standing up for the humanity we share and supporting INTV means standing up for this cause.

So, I invite all supporters of Human Rights of Iranians, all those who wish freedom and democracy for Iran, Peace for Middle East, and a safer world without Barbaric Mullahs’ terrorism, to take part and support the INTV telethon on Friday, Dec. 13th to help this voice of freedom for Iran be louder than ever and the dreams of Mullahs’ regime of Iran for silencing it be futile.

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2 thoughts on “Iranians at home and worldwide raise funds for ‘Simaye Azadi’ – Iran National Television

  1. Good article. Hopeful Telethon Campaign Achieves Its Goals in Helping Iranian Resistance Television

  2. So far as I know, the only independent Iranian TV is INTV who has worked hard to reveal Iranian regime’s malign activities in the world especially in Middle East and has been the voice of Iranians who are suffering for more than 40 years from the miseries caused by Mullahs’ tyranny. INTV is the voice of Iranian suppressed people who struggle for freedom and democracy in Iran and peace in Middle East. So It’s the humanitarian obligation of all freedom lovers and those who wish a safer world without Iranian mullahs’ terrorism to donate this media and don’t let Mullahs’ regime of Iran silences this echo of Iranians’ voice.

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