Cutting off the internet is aimed to obliterate protesters and put down the revolution

The Iranian state has cut off the internet services totally and without a prior notification since November 15 as soon as the protests began. The government blocked access to the internet by all citizens in all the country. The same is applied to the ethnic minority regions such as Ahwaz, which has been militarized via deploying the riot police as well as Baluchistan, Azerbaijan, and Kurdistan. An outright block of social media outlets while the world is looking on in order to silence the protesters and crackdown on the protests and put them down. The protests have spread across central cities in Iran, especially those densely-populated. Protesters have been killed and wounded. This is added to the rise in fuel prices by threefold in light of the deteriorating and worsening living situation before and after the US sanctions on Iran. Protesters set fire to the government buildings, banks, security and police vehicles, and fuel stations and blocked roads in many cities in Iran. Violent clashes took place between the protesters and security forces, with hundreds and even thousands of protesters being detained. Deaths from all ethnic, cultural and religious factions were reported in the ranks of the protesters. A week before this day, the demonstrations began in the Arab Ahwaz, whose people struggle for freedom and democracy and justice. The region is always on tenterhooks due to its important and sensitive geographical location and the suffering of its Arab people. The Ahwazis accused the Persian authorities of poisoning and killing Ahwazi poet Hassan Haideri. The regime buried him surreptitiously without holding funeral ceremonies for the funeral not to spark new Ahwazi demonstrations. The Ahwazis always turn funeral processions of those killed by the Iranian regime to rage-filled demonstrations, which is a source of huge disturbance for the Iranian state. But the attempts of the terror regime of Iran to prevent the Ahwazis from holding protests have failed. The Iranian exposed practices targeting the Ahwazi pundits, poets, activists and freedom fighters, whether by physical liquidation through deliberate car accidents or poisoning have become exposed to the Arab people of Ahwaz. Every time the regime hides an Ahwazi citizen, its corpse floats in one of the rivers. The regime threatens its relatives. He is buried without the people knowing. If anybody speaks up, they shall be severely punished and so on. What is happening inside Ahwaz regarding the killings and indiscriminate arrests is much more horrendous that is covered by the media due to blocking the internet and media blackout imposed by the regime deliberately. This blackout could continue for other days until the protests are crushed and their protests are put down given the international silence towards the dangerous crimes of the Iranian regime at home and abroad. By: Younis Suleiman, Ahwazi freelance journalist based in DC

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