The truck strike in Iran, the message and its consequences

BY Reza Hoseani

A new round of truck strike since September 23 continues, and the number of cities that joined this massive strike has reached more than 320 cities.

Recent events are that despite the pressure from the clerical regime, the striker has decided not to abandon their rights and not surrender.

This is an unparalleled resistance that is in line with the uprising of the Iranian people, which, of course, costs them tremendously.

The crimes of the arrested by the security forces of the Iranian regime are very heavy under the unjust rules of the clerical regime; and besides, every day that goes on strike, Strike drivers lose their only source of income and their families have nothing to eat.

However, brave and painful drivers have realized this fact, and they have felt it with all the fact that not only there is no openness in retreating against the threats of the mullahs regime, But also the intensification of the strike and the more flaming it, and just a full resist, Is the only way to confront this hateful regime that seeks to destroy the Iranian people’s generation.

It must be admitted that the corrupt government of the mullahs in the face of strike drivers has proven that, does not want and can not the ransom rights return the deprived sections of the homeland to its owners.

In fact, the mullah regime has poured billions of dollars of the public property of Iran into the pockets of the mullahs, the Guards, the Basijis and their mercenaries. or  has spent it on widespread regional wars and issuing terrorism and apparent interference in the neighboring countries.

If it had such a capacity and intentionality, it would not have been a medieval religious rule. The response of this criminal government to all these demands is nothing but repression and imprisonment and execution, and in the meantime, at least 280 people have been arrested from the strikers.

In a word, this degenerate and reactionary regime does not think of anything other than the continuation of its disgraceful rule.

But the bloody resistance of the Iranian people during the past 40 years has shown that it is impossible to choke the voices of the people of Iran.

Now it is the result of the sacrifices and blood of the Iranian people and the time has come to overthrow this criminal regime and the truckers’ strike continued to show that this diet can and should be turned on its knees and this regime has no destiny except for the overthrow of the future.

The people of Iran can and should send this criminal regime to the dustbin of history and this day is very near and accessible.


Reza Hoseani is a writer, analyst, expert on Iranian affairs, a human rights activist and a defender of the rights of women, children and political prisoners


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