Why does Khamenei say: “America does not fight us and we do not negotiate”?

By: Reza Hosseini

Khamenei has said that “America does not fight us and we will not negotiate”.

The question is, what is the Iranian regime investing in these calculations?

And what is the design and scenario for survival?

The Iranian regime’s leader’s analysts is that regime is unlikely to make the United States enter into another war against the regime because of its political and economic costs.

This is why Khamenei wants to give morale his own feared forces. At the same time, he hopes to make political changes in the American government and specifically the results of the upcoming US election.

He thinks he can counter the new round of US sanctions starting November 4th and escape from its political and social consequences inside Iran. He can continue to negotiate a nuclear deal with Europe and to keep the contract that the US has left, avoid sanctions   And on the other hand, he thinks the congressional composition may change in this election and that would make some changes in US foreign policy that the regime would benefit from.

Even if we assume that the composition of Congress will change in the coming election, there something in the relationship with the Iranian regime?

It is clear that even if the composition of the congress changes, there will be no benefit to the Iranian regime.

Because there is a bipartisan consensus in the United States about the reaction and confrontation with the Iranian regime.

The index is also the result of a two-time vote in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The American public is mostly against the mullahs regime, of course, the discovery of Iran’s spy and terrorist networks in the United States has also spurred this space.

And that’s why it’s not even possible to even change the composition of the US Congress in favor of the regime.

In addition, foreign policy is within the authority of the US government and is an internal policy that has a major impact on congressional elections.

Therefore, as some Iranian regime experts say, this is a false hope and it’s unlikely that the future process will change in favor of the regime.

So, the question arises:

Didn’t Khamenei and the leaders of the Iranian regime know this? So why are they waiting for future developments?

The fact is that Khamenei and other leaders of the Iranian regime know well and have repeatedly said that the danger is from inside Iran. That is, it is a threat to the mullahs regime, the uprising of the people and its leading organization.

And this is an example of a saying that says, when moving from one point to point, it is possible to find a solution to a problem.

In fact, the mullahs want to be held until the next American election to avoid the effects of the new US government policy in expanding protests inside Iran, until they find a way to their deadlock.

They think that maybe with the policy of contraction and increased repression and execution inside Iran and the issuance of terrorism or false exponential power beyond their borders   Able to overcome the “dangerous and decisive period”   But it is clear that in both negotiations and concessions, they will face a flood of Iranian angry people.


After decades, Khomeini, referring to the PMOI said “Our enemy is neither America, the Soviet Union, nor Israel!” But our enemy is here in Tehran”! Again, the main enemy of the mullahs is the Mujahideen!

At this juncture, the role of a powerful organization and an unparalleled alternative to organizing demonstrations, protests and strikes of the Iranian people against the mullahs regime is evident at this juncture. And until the overthrow of this regime, they will be active.

Reza Hosseini is a writer, analyst, expert on Iranian affairs, a human rights activist and a defender of the rights of women, children and political prisoners.





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