Khamenei’s fallen dreams

By Reza Hosseini

Every day the regime’s anger over the survival of the Mujahideen and the fear of its overthrow is more apparent. The clerical regime has an unmatched alternative which is the central force of the resistance. After the successful transfer of the PMOI to Albania, everyday we see new reflections in the various factions of the regime.

A look at the websites of the Iranian regime indicates how much the mullahs are burden with the Iranian resistance and the role of the MEK /PMOI as their main enemy. The following example is an illustration of this fact. The site on September 4, 2018, wrote in a commentary on this subject. “The MEK, Celebrate after leaving Iraq in 2016 and settling in Albania, annually opens its collective exit, named after” Big Immigration “.

As far as their officials, military and military officials are concerned, they were less likely to attack the MEK in Iraq until recently.  Not because of being cautious against the Iraqi government, United States or the United Nations. In their analysis, they though PMOI members would just dissolve into European society. They naturally thought the PMOI forces would eventually become part of the European community.  Thinking MEK members will be scarce in Europe. But the developments showed that the situation was not as expected.

Today, the anger of the Iranian regime’s is hard to miss.  Where there is turmoil in the country, the footprint of the PMOI is also found. The speech of the Supreme Leader on January 9 was an indicator of the role of the PMOI in January’s turmoil. The regime thought once the MEK reached Europe, will be subjugated and therefore not a threat to the system. Their intelligence and security estimates couldn’t of been more wrong.

We anticipated that the forces of the PMOI, taken off the Tigris and Euphrates rivers and landed in Europe, would have to dry their branches and finally its roots. Apparently this method was a “bad treatment”.

When the MEK ‘s movement was in Iraq, their only activity inside Iran was limited to slogans or simply hanging a banner of propaganda. According to state officials, they’re organizing and leading riots in all classes. Sustainability of the PMOI and their determination to overthrow the regime must be recognized. It must be admitted that the mullahs regime has lost such golden opportunities in the era of Western compromise under the Obama administration.

But despite the many efforts to destroy and dissolve the PMOI, we saw that the PMOI sustained its principles. The Regime better prepare for a change in Iranian history.

Reza Hoseani is an author, analyst, Iranian expert, human rights activist and defender of women and children rights.

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