Iranian Opposition Grand Gathering Heralds The End Of The Mullahs Rule

By Narges Ghaffari ,producer of Radio Irava, Ottawa

Iranian opposition Grand Gathering heralds the end of the mullahs rule

Every year, at the proximity of the Iranian opposition Grand Gathering in Paris (June 30th), we witness such a resurgence of Iranian-supporters of the resistance as if it were Nowruz, or one would seem as it were springtime again.

It is not an easy task to hold an annual event as grand as this, with over 100,000 Iranians and delegates (including MPs, world’s renowned political/cultural personalities) from around the world. Imagine for a minute in you would, that thousands of people (some with children) arrive in one place and on one day (June 30th), tired, of course, but determined. Surely you agree that addressing their individual needs of is very difficult.

However, this is not just a gathering under one roof. A side from the fact that the president-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), would outline its position, this annual conference is in fact a demonstration of the power of the resistance.

By being there, the Iranians showcase the overthrow of the clerical regime in Iran and its supporters bringing them to the attention of the world. Eventhoug, these gatherings over time, has faced many obstacles by the clerical regime and sometimes from the world’s most powerful to the littlest, but the resistance has come out proudly than before.

What you should know about Iranian opposition Gathering 

As a freedom-loving Iranian woman who has supported the Iranian Resistance policy for many years in order to overthrow the clerical regime and to establish democracy, I am so proud of the Iranian compatriots, who eventhoug deal with various problems such as financial… etc, but each year they make sure they get to Villepinte. I hold my head up with pride that they represent the resistance with such history, so gloriously. I wish you the participant of the grand gathering, the greatest success on June 30th in Villepinte-Paris.

Long live Freedom

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