Monday’s Iran Mini Report – June 18, 2018

  • Execution of an innocent man in Iran

This morning, Monday 18 June 2018, Iran’s regime executed an innocent man from the country’s Sufi religious minority.

Mohammad Salas, 51, was tortured, had his teeth & ribs broken, needed 17 stitches on his head, lost his vision & consciousness and was forced to make a false “confession”.

The Iranian resistance, NCRI, had called to save his life.

Amnesty International also had issued a statement in this regard asking for the halt of execution order.

Mr. Salas had repeatedly announced that he had been forced under torture to accept charges which he was not involved in.

  • FIFA Says Banner Supporting Iranian Women Had Been Authorized Before Tournament

FIFA says a banner displayed at a World Cup stadium in Russia in support of allowing women in Iran to watch sporting events in stadiums with men was approved before the tournament.

The world soccer governing body on June 16 said rules generally bar political statements at matches, but it said the banner displayed during Iran’s 1-0 win over Morocco on June 15 was considered a “social appeal.”

Banners with the slogans “#NoBan4Women” and “Support Iranian Women to Attend Stadiums” were held up at both ends of the stadium in St. Petersburg.

  • Protests take place in Tehran and Ahvaz wanting serious changes

After clashes with police this week, a group of workers from the Ahvaz National Steel Group held a protest and sit in for the third consecutive day declaring the release of their co-workers. They gathered in front of the main Judiciary in Ahwaz. The number of detainees held in prison due to earlier protest concerning worker’s rights abuse is said to be more than ten. Earlier reports had indicated even up to 60 steelworkers arrested but nevertheless, the authorities have not taken any serious measures to fulfill labor rights and payments.

  • Kurdish Woman Subjected to Torture, Denied Medical Care

Amnesty International wrote in its statement, “Critically ill Iranian Kurdish prisoner Zeynab Jalalian is being denied access to urgently required dental treatment outside Khoy prison, West Azerbaijan Province, where she is serving a life sentence following a grossly unfair trial. The medical staff at the prison have requested her transfer to a dental clinic outside the prison to receive treatment for a severe dental infection, which she has had for three months. Despite this, the authorities have denied the request, citing the “security” nature of her case as justification.”

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