Last Ditch Efforts by Iran Lobby to Save Nuclear Deal Wasted

By James  Lee

The Iran lobby is digging deep in an effort to drum up support from anyone and anywhere to preserve the Iran nuclear deal including circulating a letter from members of the French, British and German parliaments addressed to the U.S. Congress.

The letter is rife with the same common misperceptions that the Iran lobby has worked hard to foist on an unsuspecting world. None have done as much spadework in engineering this plethora of fake news than the National Iranian American Council.

Among the common misperceptions in the letter are:

“The only reason we were able to achieve this breakthrough is that we stood together. Together, Europeans and Americans have proved that a strong and united transatlantic partnership can bring about a coalition extending to Russia and China, endorsed by the international community.”

In actuality, the deal was achieved largely through the imposition of backbreaking economic sanctions, including cutting off Iran from international currency exchanges which brought its economy to a virtual standstill. The U.S. dollar, which serves as the world’s principle reserve currency, is vital to international commerce and the inability to convert Iranian rials to dollars or euros cut the regime off at the kneecaps.

“We were able to impose unprecedented scrutiny on the Iranian nuclear program, dismantle most of their nuclear enrichment facilities, and drastically reduce the danger of a nuclear arms race.”

Another fallacy since the nuclear deal gave the regime vast leeway to sanitize suspected nuclear sites, extract soil samples only by Iranian personnel and prohibit the inspection of Iranian military sites. Iran was also allowed to keep and store its centrifuges while being allowed to test and install even higher performing centrifuges to enrich uranium under the deal.

“As much as we share the concerns expressed by many about Iran’s behavior, we are deeply convinced that these issues must be treated separately (as we are doing already) – and not within the context of the JCPOA.”

Failure to connect the regime’s behavior, including involvement in the Syrian civil war, support of terrorism and brutal human rights record, to the nuclear deal gave the mullahs a free pass to do as they wished without fear of interference or retribution. It was an oversight so large that the end result has killed more civilians and created more refugees than dropping a tactical nuclear device would.

More importantly, the lack of including restrictions on Iran’s ballistic missile program allowed it to vault years ahead by buying North Korean missile technology and develop weapons capable of reaching most of Europe and Asia. The first goal of any nuclearization program is to develop a payload delivery system and the Iranian regime has been to cut to the front of the line because of the nuclear deal.

This article was first published townhall

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