The Arab summit in Dhahran and the critical situation of the Iranian regime

Translator: Reza Hosseini

On Sunday, April 15, the 21st Arab Summit in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, took a firm stand against the religious system and its interference in Arab countries and issued its final statement in the same critical positions. Political analysts in regional affairs have attached great importance to the one-day Arab summit and its final statement.

There are several factors that made this conference important:

A: The summit was held in Saudi Arabia under the chairmanship of the King of Saudi Arabia, who heads a coalition against the Iranian regime and its interventions in the region. He will be the rotating president of Arab society for one year. This is a very unpleasant event for the diet.

In his opening speech, the King of Saudi Arabia, in reference to the involvement of the Iranian regime in the region, called on the international community to adopt a firm stance against Iran’s behavior in the region.

B: The final statement focused mainly on the Iranian regime and its destructive role in the region.

A: Secretary General of the League of Arab States Ahmed Aboul Gheit, speaking in the same manner as Malik Salman, called on the Iranian regime responsible for the insecurity in Yemen and urged Arab states to condemn “the destructive acts of Iran through the Houthis.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said in a letter to Arab heads of state at the Saudi summit that his country is ready to cooperate with the Arab League to ensure security in the Middle East.

E: Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this summit was formed in very delicate and decisive circumstances for the Iranian regime. The Iranian regime is on the brink of explosion on the one hand, and on the other, with the arrival of the United States to the deadline of 120 days to reach a nuclear agreement

Narrowing the cycle of isolation and blockade with regard to Syria and the crimes committed there.

One indication of the importance of each international summit is its final statement.

The statement focuses on the condemnation of the Iranian regime and its interference in the countries of the region and the condemnation of chemical crime in Syria, after emphasizing the central nature of the Palestinian cause of the entire Arab nation and the Arab identity of East Jerusalem.

The statement also stressed the “need for a political solution” to the crisis and called for the end of the presence of “all foreign forces and sectarian terrorist groups” in Syria, in accordance with the Geneva Conventions and Security Council resolutions.

In the Arab Summit, actions were taken Houthi gunmen target Saudi Arabia with ballistic missiles and kill Yemenis on behalf of the Iranian regime; and urged the international community to intensify sanctions against the Iranian regime.


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