Arab Summit to address Tehran interference in Arab affairs

DHAHRAN, Saudi Arabia, April 14 (KUNA) – The 29 Arab Summit in Dhahran city, eastern Saudi Arabia, has much to tackle on April 15 with various issues of political, economic, and social urgency tabled for discussions.
Arab leaders and international figures alike will have to discourse over topics that are significant to the region and the world.
While Saudi Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir’s speech at the Arab Foreign Ministers meeting suggested that the status quo of the Palestinian cause would be focused on during the summit, the recent US-British-French air strikes against targets in Syria might have to take precedence for the movement.
The almost decade-long Syrian crisis have reached a critical point with the launch of joint air strikes against Assad regime targets in Damascus and elsewhere…
Meanwhile, the ongoing conflict in Yemen and the continuous Houthi militia’s ballistic attacks against targets in Saudi Arabia will not escape the attention of Arab leaders.
The Preparatory and Ministerial meetings of the summit, on April 10 to 12 in Riyadh, repeatedly addressed the situation in Yemen and called for bringing the conflict to a peaceful resolution in accordance with the UNSC resolutions concerning the end of violence in Yemen, the GCC initiative, and the outcome of the national Yemeni dialogue.
The conferees did not turn a blind eye to Houthi missile attacks especially with projectiles still being launched against Saudi Arabia as the meetings were held in the capital Riyadh.
Again, Saudi Minister Al-Jubeir, Arab League chief Abul-Gheit and others continued to call on the Houthis to stop their attacks, blaming Iran for providing the Yemeni militia with provisions to enable it to assemble or make its own weapons to attack Saudi Arabia and its allies. The Houthis are being targeted by the Saudi-led Arab coalition in support of the legitimate government in Yemen.
The issue of Iranian interference in Arab affairs was also on the agenda of the preparatory meetings with several key Arab officials alluding to the topic and asking Iran to halt such policies for the sake of the region and its stability…
The agenda of the 29 Arab Summit looks to be filled with issues that were long overdue and with the recent military and geopolitical developments in the region, Arab leaders and foreign figures will have a lot to discuss on April 15.

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