Free Iran Rally in Warsaw calls for recognition of Iranian people’s right to overthrow regime


Warsaw – Feb. 13, 2019 – A large crowd of Iranians, supporters of PMOI/MEK and NCRI, held a gathering in Warsaw as authorities from numerous countries gathered in the city to attend a meeting co-hosted by United States and Poland. The demonstrators were there to voice the long-suppressed desire of the Iranian people to live in a free state.

Ministers from several countries will be discussing the situation in the Middle East and especially the threats posed by the Iranian regime.


Supporters of the PMOI/MEK rallying in Warsaw - February 13, 2019

Supporters of the PMOI/MEK rallying in Warsaw – February 13, 2019


The Iranian Resistance event was attended by dignitaries and politicians from several countries, who came to Warsaw to express their support for the Iranian resistance and regime change in Iran. The NCRI and its president Mrs. Maryam Rajavi are vying for the establishment of a democratic, secular, and nuclear-free state in Iran that provides equal opportunities to all Iranians regardless of their religion, gender and ethnicity. The Iranian resistance also denounces the terrorist meddling of the Iranian regime in neighboring countries.


Iranian Diaspora rallying in support of NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi

Iranian Diaspora rallying in support of NCRI President-elect Maryam Rajavi


Prior to the rally, the NCRI held a press conference in which dignitaries spoke to the importance of supporting Iranian protesters and the Iranian resistance as the sole alternative to the despotic rule of the mullahs in Iran.

“Iran is the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world. We should not be doing business with a regime that supports terror,” said Rudy Giuliani, former New York Mayor and current lawyer to U.S. President Donald Trump, at the press conference. Giuliani stressed that the Warsaw Summit should be focused on regime change in Iran.

“We believe the alternative to this regime is Madam Maryam Rajavi, and this organisation, the MEK, is at the core of that movement. We want to see a non-nuclear Iran. A free Iran. So that the people of Iran can have their country back. We want to see a democratic Iran. A non-monarchy, non-mullah dictatorship,” Giuliani said at the press conference.


Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, speaking at NCRI conference before Warsaw demonstration

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, speaking at NCRI conference before Warsaw demonstration


Marcin Święcicki: NCRI is the alternative to Iran’s regime


Marcin Święcicki

Marcin Święcicki

“The Iranian Resistance movement has introduced a ten-point plan that promotes secularism and abolishes the death penalty. This is an alternative. Iran will win the fight for freedom and respect for peace,” said Marcin Święcicki, a Member of Parliament from Poland and former Mayor of Warsaw and a former minister for foreign economic relations, the first speaker at the demonstration, which began at noon, local time.


Maryam Rajavi: Recognize the right of the Iranian people’s Resistance to overthrow the mullahs


Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi

Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi


Urging the international community to break their silence over the Iranian regime’s human rights violations, Iranian opposition President-elect Maryam Rajavi sent a video message to the Warsaw rally.

“The Iranian people’s immediate demand from the world and their lawful expectation from the Poland Summit is for them to recognize the right of the Iranian people’s Resistance to overthrow the mullahs’ theocratic regime to achieve freedom,” she said.





“The question is why have they recognized a regime which has invaded and occupied Iran, which rules by torture and execution, which plunders Iran’s assets and spends the Iranian people’s wealth on terrorist groups to slaughter the peoples of the region,” Mrs. Rajavi added

The Iranian regime has enjoyed the West’s appeasement for many decades, allowing the mullahs to launch a massive crackdown machine inside the country, and warmongering across the region and abroad.

“Former U.S. administrations gave huge concessions to the mullahs, inflicting enormous damages on the Iranian people and Resistance. The way to rectify those damages is to recognize the Iranian people’s struggle to overthrow the mullahs’ regime,” Mrs. Rajavi explained.

“In recent months, in addition to the U.S., the European Union has also imposed sanctions on the clerical regime to counter its terrorism and belligerence. But this is not enough. They must stand up more decisively to this regime,” the NCRI President-elect added, emphasizing more measures are needed to confront the Iranian regime’s bellicosity.

“The people of Iran have been the ones demanding the boycott of the Iranian regime since many years before western governments. The policy of blacklisting the Iranian regime’s criminal institutions and figureheads will be effective only when the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) is placed on the terror lists of the U.S. and the European Union as a whole entity,” Mrs. Rajavi continued.

“The IRGC supports wars and terrorist mercenary groups in the region; it runs the regime’s missile program, nuclear arms and cyber activities, and it cracks down on the populace and plunders the country’s assets. The IRGC is the backbone propping up the clerical regime, and it must be immediately designated as a terrorist force,” the NCRI President-elect added, shedding light on the mullahs’ utter dependence on the IRGC.

“From the EU states who have set up a financial mechanism for the Iranian regime, we ask: Why haven’t they found any mechanism over the years to save political prisoners suffering under torture by Khamenei’s henchmen? Why haven’t they set up any mechanism to prosecute the regime’s leaders for the massacre of 30,000 political prisoners in 1988, or a mechanism to prevent the crackdown on and arrests of workers, students and Iranian youths for participating in legitimate protests?” Mrs. Rajavi said in strong criticism of Europe’s appeasement vis-a-vis Tehran.

“In spite of this, the protests and activities of courageous members of Resistance Units in Iran will carry on till the day of victory and freedom.”





Rudy Giuliani: All countries must adopt firm policy against Iran’s regime


Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani, lawyer of U.S. President Donald Trump

Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani, lawyer of U.S. President Donald Trump


“In order to have peace and security in the Middle East, there has to be a change in the theocratic regime ruling Iran. There should be a major focus on Iran and a real discussion on what is going on there,” Giuliani said during his speech at the event.

“It’s hard to talk about peace when there’s a major state that is undermining it in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, and other countries of the region. The Ayatollahs’ regime is the number one state sponsor of terrorism not only in the Middle East, but in the world,” he said, emphasizing on the regime’s destructive nature.

Mayor Giuliani also reiterated details of the Iranian regime’s terror plot targeting the massive Iranian opposition Paris rally back in June 2018 and other terror/assassination attempts across Europe.

“This is unheard of from a country that wants to be part of a group of nations. We hope that all governments represented here endorse the policy of taking a firm stance toward Iran. We have to get them to change their policies, and if they don’t change their policies, change the regime,” he stressed.

Iran has been witnessing continuing protests since the Dec 2017/Jan 2018 uprising and the regime has increased its crackdown.

“Iran has desecrated human rights. The regime has tried to stop protests through brutal measures. But the protests are getting bigger and stronger. The more the regime is becoming oppressive, the bigger these protests become. We support these people and want them to know they are not alone.

We want the people of Iran to know that they can have what they desire if they resist. The people of Iran have a right to democracy,” Mayor Giuliani underscored.


Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani

Former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani


“A major question about regime change is who will replace the regime. We’ve seen that work and go wrong when there wasn’t an alternative. Here we don’t have to worry. We have an alternative. We will have groups of people who feel the same way as we do. Madame Rajavi has a ten-point plan that lays it out clearly. We want Iran to be one of the countries respected in human rights, not one of the worst countries. We want a non-nuclear Iran,” he added

“All these things are within our grasp. These are the kinds of protests we’ve seen in other parts of the world.”


Senator Ryszard Majer: World needs a free Iran

Ryszard Majer

Ryszard Majer


“I hope that, thanks to your efforts, your nation will be free, democratic and full of solidarity,” said Senator Ryszard Majer, Vice President of the Polish Senate Foreign Affairs Committee. “Iranians need the truth. Only such an Iran will guarantee peace in this part of the world. The whole world needs a free Iran.”

Robert Torricelli: Time to end Iran’s regime

Former U.S. Senator Robert Torricelli

Former U.S. Senator Robert Torricelli


“We have tried to negotiate with Tehran. We have hoped for the best for 40 years. But they have answered with terrorism, oppression and death. There’s no negotiating with this regime. The regime must end now,” said former U.S. Senator Robert Torricelli

The Iranian people are braving all odds in their continuing protests across the country.

“Thousands and thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets of Iran despite the risks. They are the choice. The millions of diaspora and Mrs. Rajavi, they are the choice for a new Iran,” he added.

“I understand the nations not gathered here today seek accomodation with the regime of Iran. Negotiations won’t bring a free government. There is more that the Iranian people deserve than simply ban nuclear weapons. A government that murders its own people and opponents can’t be trusted,” Senator Torricelli emphasized.

“Yesterday was about negotiating with Tehran. Today and tomorrow will be about ending the regime and bringing about freedom in Iran.”

Zbigniew Cichoń: Iranian nation’s dignity will be restored

Zbigniew Cichoń

Zbigniew Cichoń


“Your dream for a free Iran will soon become true. You have a right to introduce the governance of law where there’s no place for the death penalty,” said Polish Senator Zbigniew Cichoń.

“I believe that very soon Iran will become a free state where there’s a rule of law, not the rule of an individual. The dignity of the Iranian nation will be restored.”

Sid Ahmed Ghozali: PMOI/MEK is only force capable of liberating Iran

Sid Ahmed Ghozali

Sid Ahmed Ghozali


“When we talk about Iran we often talk about economic affairs. But we forget the essentials. The Iranian nation, which has passed by the regime of Shah and is enduring an even more cruel regime,” said former Algerian Prime Minister Sid Ahmed Ghozali.

“Many think that peace and stability can be achieved in this region by negotiating with the Iranian regime,” he said on the appeasement mentality practiced by many in the West.

“This resistance is rooted in the people and is the only force that is capable of liberating Iran. The Iranian threat wants to establish its hegemony over the entire Muslim region. If we want to achieve peace and stability in the world, we have to remove this menace.”

Javad Dabiran: IRGC, MOIS must be blacklisted

NCRI Member Javad Dabiran

NCRI Member Javad Dabiran


“The right of the Iranian people to resist and overthrow the religious fascism ruling their country must be recognized. The regime resorts to terrorism and demonization against its opposition to preserve its own rule.,” said NCRI Member Javad Dabiran.

“In the past four decades, the people of Iran have risen against the mullahs and the IRGC to obtain their freedom, paying the price with tens of thousands of martyrs. The appeasement policy has prevented the people of Iran to achieve their goals and dreams,” Dabiran added in reference to western policies in regards to Iran’s regime.

“It is past time that the U.S., Europe and all states join the cry of the resistance to end the terror, torture and nightmare of this regime. We are here to voice our support for the NCRI and its President Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the PMOI/MEK and the Iranian Resistance units, who are the symbols of the resistance of the Iranian people against the dictatorship of the mullahs,” the NCRI Member continued.

“The Iranian regime’s terrorist plot against the large gathering of the Iranian Resistance in June 2018 must be condemned, and the IRGC and the Ministry of Intelligence must be sanctioned,” he emphasized on the demands raised in this rally.

“The Iranian regime must be expelled from the UN and the NCRI must be recognized as the legitimate representative of the Iranian people. Change in Iran is necessary for peace and stability across the world.”

Iranian Resistance Units voice their support for regime change

In tandem with preparations for the Warsaw demonstration, Iranian Resistance Units and supporters of the Iranian Resistance took to the streets in various Iranian cities and voice their support for the PMOI/MEK, the NCRI and their desire for regime change.

These people braved the odds and threats posed by the Iranian regime to express their desire to live in a free country. Their activities are coming at a time that the Iranian regime is imposing harsh punishments on anyone that shows support for the MEK and calls for regime change.

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